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Tweek to options bellow, enter the words you want to use and click generate. Our free word search puzzle maker will generate a grid using your words and specified settings. You can then print your puzzle or share a link to an online version.

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How To Generate A Puzzle

Step 1: Select your grid size. Our puzzle maker can generate grids from 8X8 to 15X15 letters.

Step 2: Choose a difficuly level.
Choosing Easy will make the generator place your words only horisontally and vertically.
Choosing Medium will make the generator place your words horizontally, vertically and diagonally accross the grid.
Choosing Hard will make the generator place your words in all directions and reverse the letter in certain words (words can be formed from right to left, down to up).

Step 3: Enter a list of comma separated words.
The more the better. The generator will try to fit as many words as it can to the grid.
If you want to limit the number of words that will be fitter to the grid enter a value in the Max Words field.
Doing so will make the generator stop once it has fitted the specified number of words.

Step 4: Press GENERATE WORD SEARCH and wait a couple of seconds for the puzzle maker to come up with a random grid.

Browse By Word Theme

Make word learning fun with our themed word search puzzles. Lots of words from a variety of themes like and more. Our word games feature thousands of words to find and learn. Explore the different themes below and enjoy a challenging and fun word puzzle on your computer, tablet or phone with no downloads or registration required.


Find words like: wolf, shrew, yellowjacket, oryx, sailfish, roundworm, swan, goat, panda, nandu, seal, onager, crustacean, deer, gar, sponge, bobcat, ferret, in our Animals puzzles.


Find words like: geocaching, goal, quiver, huddle, walker, rowing, bicycling, karate, tee, mitt, axel, heptathlon, racket, paddleball, unicyclist, stadium, l in our Sports puzzles.


Find words like: crabapple, grape, papaya, mulberry, citrus, raspberry, tangerine, strawberry, kiwi, guava, berry, mango, coconut, pomelo, orange, lychee, bl in our Fruit puzzles.


Find words like: hitter, league, hardball, catcher, bat, score, run, steal, lose, bunt, diamond, field, slide, park, nine, fielder, defense, helmet, inning, in our Baseball puzzles.


Find words like: beret, turban, kerchief, tutu, sneakers, train, shorts, vest, sundress, cuff, bikini, loafers, windbreaker, visor, boa, cape, slip, trunks, in our Clothes puzzles.


Find words like: aqua, charcoal, celadon, carmine, violet, cerulean, persimmon, dark, ivory, ruby, lemon, pink, magenta, wisteria, orange, sienna, color, gra in our Colors puzzles.

Chemical Elements

Find words like: thulium, ununoctium, protactinium, tantalum, praseodymium, fermuim, ytterbium, germanium, vanadium, chlorine, antimony, thallium, uranium, b in our Chemical Elements puzzles.


Find words like: till, grow, cow, feed, crops, agriculture, scarecrow, bison, soil, sheep, donkey, honeybee, honey, buffalo, pig, land, scythe, foal, ripe, h in our Farm puzzles.


Find words like: hat, wicked, clown, zombie, ghostly, tomb, wig, death, autumn, petrify, pretend, bone, beast, web, macabre, costume, carve, grave, tutu, gri in our Halloween puzzles.
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